Patricia Bown : Tricoteuse

Textile Artist and Designer


I specialise in using the traditional techniques of crochet, feltmaking, embroidery, hand and machine knitting to create tactile contemporary art pieces for exhibition, fashion accessories and interior design.

The inspiration for my work comes from nature. Using the shapes, colours and textures from the ever changing seasons as my starting  point, I enjoy experimenting with yarns, materials and embellishments to create three dimensional, sculptural and textured pieces. My work ranges from small items of jewellery to large scale wall hangings, examples of which can be found in my gallery and on my Facebook page. 

I regularly add items to my shop so please come back to see if there is anything you would like to purchase.

A qualified Occupational Therapist, I am also inspired by the therapeutic uses of arts and crafts, appreciating the positive influence they have on physical and mental wellbeing. Having a wide range of experience allows me the opportunity to work with individuals, artists and community groups on solo and group projects and workshops, including Arts for Health programmes.

My most recent art project was developing collages with patients on an elderly mental health unit, to enhance the environment for patients, staff and visitors. I have added some of the images to my gallery.